Architectural Focus Groups

The purpose of the Focus Groups is to recognize that architects, builders, and building product designers face new challenges in the industry. By working together the stakeholders can begin to mitigate common 21st century design and cost challenges. Vicwest engages architects in a meaningful conversation about the next generation of exterior building products in Canada. By working with all the stakeholders to learn preferences, recommendations, and insights as they relate to exterior wall and roof products, shared challenges can be over ome.

Through the Focus Groups, Vicwest hopes to develop a clearer understanding of how to best plan for a future that is driven by conservation and sustainability concerns. 

Vicwest Architect Focus Groups

A focus group is a form of qualitative research and exchange in which a group of people are invited to express their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards, in this case, the future of the building envelope along the dimensions of design, energy codes and conservation and cost. The provincial adoption of ASHRAE 90.1 is at the center of the Focus Group discussion.

Vicwest would like to hear about your experiences, challenges, successes and opinions in our forum posts. As facilitator of this national dialogue we look forward to answering any questions and suggestions you may have.

“The Montreal Architect Focus Group pilot was a refreshing experience. We enjoyed the opportunity to have a voice on the next generation of building envelope product design. The dialogue about ASHRAE 90.1 was very informative and important solutions discussed. This is what we need to face 21st century challenges of design meets energy conservation: all the stakeholders in one room…delightful.” Danita Rooyakkers, BUILD

“When  I was asked to participate in the Focus Group, in the beginning I had doubts, another “Lunch and Learn”. But it turned out different than that. What I found was  good sound conversation about code issues and new products." Brian Colgan, Genivar, Halifax

“I had been meaning to thank you for an inspired ‘Focus Group' in our office. Having it held here was something to organize our office around, and it  contributed in several ways. We all got away from our desks at the same time, for a change, and we were provided a forum to talked about applicable building cladding systems for current work." Christopher McCormack Architects, Toronto 

To find out more about attending a face-to-face Architect Focus Group in your Province contact us using the form below. To join our LinkedIn Architect Focus Group, log-in to your LinkedIn account and visit Vicwest Architect Focus Group to request membership


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