PALIGHT Trimboard & Mouldings

Palight® PVC Trimboard offers the centuries-old familiarity and workability of wood, but with none of the drawbacks – and plenty of unbeatable advantages.

Palight Trimboard is free-foam PVC with a remarkably light but dense, consistent core. It cuts, mills, routs and fastens just like a good pine board. And you can use conventional tools to work it.

The Benefits of Palight PVC Trimboard

  • Long-lasting durability and beauty
  • Impervious to moisture, rot, splitting, swelling and insect damage
  • Sealed edges and protective quick-release film
  • Consistent, uniform dimensions
  • Self-extinguishing and will not spread fire
  • Available in numerous standard and ProFinish™ profiles
  • Available in both white and sand colors, with smooth or woodgrain options
  • 30-year limited residential warranty

Sealed Edges and Protective Film

Sealed Edges and Protective Release Film: It's a long journey from the manufacturer to the jobsite, and building materials can get mighty dirty. Don't worry – Palram has your back. That's why Palight Trimboard comes standard with a heavy-duty protective film on both sides. Simply peel off the film after installation and let your work shine. Palight Trimboard also features sealed edges, making it easy to wipe away dirt and dust before, during and after installation.


Classic White or Sand Trim Colours

Classic White or Sand Trim Colours: Classic white is our most popular color, but our sand color trim is quickly gaining favor with architects and contractors who select more contemporary windows, doors and siding with earth tone colors. And the color goes all the way to the core. You can still paint it if you want to – but now you don't have to. 


Smooth/Smooth or Woodgrain/Smooth Finishes

Smooth/Smooth or Woodgrain/Smooth Finishes: Dealers and contractors love flexible inventory. And most consumers love to wait until the last minute to make a choice. That's why we make most of our standard trimboard profiles available with smooth on both sides, or smooth on one side, wood grain on the other. The choice is yours. 


Palight Profiles

Multiple Profiles and Mouldings: Designed to accommodate the most popular finishing applications, Palight Trimboard is available in a variety of standard and ProFinish profiles and numerous ProFinish mouldings – crown, casing, cove and more. In addition, we offer four-piece Palight PostWrap™ with grooved, interlocking corners for easy wrapping of deck posts, porch columns and entryway columns. 

Palight® Trimboard is a registered trademark of Palram Industries Ltd, proudly distributed by Vicwest Building Products.



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Palight® Trimboard and Mouldings
Palight® Trimboard and Mouldings
Palight® Trimboard and Mouldings
Palight® Trimboard and Mouldings
Palight® Trimboard and Mouldings