Metal Roofing for Homes & Cottages

Protecting What's Truly Important

Home building, renovation and repairs can be daunting undertakings. But when looking for roofing materials, remember that properly installed metal roofing requires little maintenance and will last significantly longer than, for example, asphalt shingles. Plus, the environmental benefits are obvious: steel is 100% recyclable, meaning nothing ends up in a landfill. Metal roofing can also help save energy by keeping your home or cottage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Vicwest offers a choice of the most popular metal roofing and stone coated steel roofing profiles in a broad spectrum of traditional and designer colors to help you complete your design vision. All of our metal roofing systems feature coordinating trims, fasteners, closures, caulking and flashings—everything you and your contractor need for a proper installation without all the guesswork!

Vicwest Project Gallery

Prestige Metal Roofing
VicElite Metal Roofing
Granite Ridge Metal Roofing
VicElite Metal Roofing
Summered Steel Shingles
Summerside Steel Roofing